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Miami Beach Hotel Development Team

The Developer

The Murray Group, which uses its own financial resources to fund its hotel developments, is currently completing the construction of the Grand Beach Hotel in the Town of Surfside.

Once developed to our own specifications our properties are retained and run by the Group as independent hotels. The hotels appeal to families and independent travelers alike. We have worked with the local community to create a family orientated hotel with a refinement equal to the existing Grand Beach Hotel, in Miami Beach where luxury and comfort are available at competitive prices. We wish to create a similar hotel style in the Town of Surfside.

The Murray Group’s in-house development team, MB Development, takes on hands-on approach to all aspects of hotel development throughout the entire process. The team includes award winning designers, architects, construction managers, legal advisers and operations experts. Our ability to control all aspects of the development process and self-perform any aspect of the design or construction process enables us to deliver a quality hotel property. The same team recently opened the 431 room Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach.

The Team

Jacques Gaston Murray is the Chairman of both London Security Plc. and Andrews Sykes Group Plc. has over 60 years of business experience. Since returning from the Second World War as a highly decorated war hero, he has achieved a successful track record in business for identifying market trends and running companies. The immediate success of the independently run Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, opened in 2009, has proven the group’s ability to deliver satisfaction to its customers and strong financial results. The development of the Grand Beach Hotels stems to create a business model set for the long term.

Jean-Jacques Murray is a shareholder and Vice Chairman of both London Security Plc, and Andrews Sykes Group Plc. He has been a director of public companies on the London Stock Exchange and the Alternative Investment Market in England since 1990. His strategic direction/management responsibility covers the entire Murray Group of companies for all its three lines of businesses; fire protection, hire of pump/temperature control equipment, and hotel/real estate.

Jean-Pierre Murray is a director of both London Security Plc and Andrews Sykes Group Plc. He has been working with the Murray Group of companies since 1992 and is on the board of several of its corporations. His current responsibilities include overseeing and advising the management team in areas of management, operations, acquisitions and strategic guidance of the Murray Group of companies.

Mr. Emmanuel Sebag, part of the Murray Group since 1991, Is responsible for the set-up, opening and successful operation of the Grand Beach Hotel, Miami Beach. He is now also overseeing the development, opening and eventual operation of the Grand Beach Hotel, Surfside. He is a Director of the publicly traded London Security Plc and Andrews Sykes Plc.
Mr. Frederic Marq is the project’s designer. He leaves his design mark on commercial, residential and set styling projects throughout the world. The manifestation of his vision and talents can be seen through his prestigious resume of projects and was recognized in 2008 by his winning the Hotel World 2008 ‘Best Luxury Hotel Design World Wide’ for the US Grand San Diego, Starwood Luxury. The Grand Beach Hotel, Miami Beach is another in his long line of successes.

Mr. Randall King has over 30 years of experience in the design and development of real estate assets. In 1995, he started a firm specializing in aspects hospitality projects, including evaluations, due diligence, architectural design, interior design, and construction management. Mr. King has a broad range of experience from the design of new hotels to the execution of construction; hotel projects range from renovations to new construction. Mr. King is responsible for the construction of the Grand Beach Hotel, Surfside.

Mr. Joel Simmonds has worked for the Murray Group since 2002 as director in charge of the Group's real estate assets.  Holdings cover all sectors and many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium and Argentina.  His hospitality experience includes overseeing the Group's holding and board seat in the Lombardy Hotel in New York.  Simmonds was a key player in the construction and opening of the Grand Beach Hotel, Miami Beach and continues this role at the Grand Beach, Surfside.

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